You may be surprised to know that best possible facade design material for homes is Self Extinguishing or Construction Grade EPS or Expanded Polystyrene. This may come as a surprise but because of great qualities as part of a composite, these days EPS is one of the most popular Facade design material internationally. These qualities being:

  1. Light Weight (Does not put additional load on structure which may be old)
  2. Comes in Slabs which can easily provide large thicknesses without adding to weight of the facade
  3. It does not need additional support structure and can easily be adhered to facade using simple adhesives.
  4. It is easy to cut /work upon and yet is rigid, hence can be shaped as per design requirements
  5. It has very high thermal stability and does not expand / contract due to daily heat and cold cycles. Hence these elements do not crack/ spall / deform over really long periods
  6. The skin of these facade elements are made of fiber glass mesh reinforced polymeric plaster in a very thin layer of 3–6mm. This layer is strong and crack resistant. This skin is amenable to all possible finishes.
  7. It is a flexible material and can adjust some building movements
  8. It has excellent shock absorption properties and can resist physical impacts
  9. It is a very good thermal insulation material and adds to the thermal insulation of the building
  10. Last but not the least, despite its tremendous benefits it is significantly economical and fast to execute at sites.

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