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Yesterday (07.02.19) there was a scary hailstorm in Noida once again highlighting the need for overdeck insulation on metal roofs . Though the kids enjoyed the snowy aftereffects of the hailstorm, it must have been really scary under a metal roof that Noida is dotted with. With legal restrictions on additional floor space, metal sheds on the top floor are a no-brainer for the free additional floor space. However, it can be very uncomfortable for people working there in summers & winters. During a hailstorm like yesterday, it can be really scary underneath the metal roof due to the amplified impact sound of the hail stones hitting the roof.

How can one overcome this problem? We have successfully executed overdeck insulation on metal roof in Delhi in a Kids Play zone. The results have been to the total satisfaction of the client. They reported that the roof treatment of overdeck insulation of metal roof, reduced the air conditioning load very substantially. This saving was estimated through our U Value calculator as over 40% in peak summers. Secondly, it totally prevented the wetting of the interiors due to moisture condensation droppings during cold nights. Thirdly, it prevented the scary sound of hail or rain drops hitting the metal roof . For more details checkout https://www.reliableinsupacks.com/our-services/roof-insulation/

1st layer of overdeck insulation on metal roof
1st layer of overdeck insulation on metal roof
2nd layer of overdeck insulation on metal roof
2nd layer of insulation for monolithic insulation layer
3rd layer of overdeck insulation on metal roof
Finishing coat of Polymerized mix  on overdeck  insulation on  metal roof
4th Layer of polymerized plaster top coat

To learn more about our roof insulation products, click here.

Final finish of overdeck insulation on metal roof with High SRI paint
5th layer of High Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) paint in 3 coats


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