Exterior Insulation System Skins are very strong and resilient

STRENGTH OF SHOCK ABSORBING INSULATION LAYER For a layperson who has not personally experienced wall insulation systems like EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finishing System) or ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork), the thought would be one of an impossibility. “How can a soft exterior insulation layer survive abrasive human traffic situations?” “How can such a layer survive the high impact […]

thermal insulation, the way forward

air pollution, water pollution, pollution

One of the major catastrophes we have brought on this planet is air pollution. And one of the major causes of air pollution in India is burning of fossil fuels.

A crash course in designing an energy-efficient building

Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects of green building design. The following are some basic terms that one needs to comprehend before going any further in understanding “Building Insulation” or assessing “Thermal Insulation” of a building.  k VALUE /κ VALUE = THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY is the amount of heat that will go across a meter thickness […]

Stop Global Warming with Sustainable Buildings

Besides warming up the earth’s surface temperature, Global warming impacts us in deeper and more sinister ways like glacier and snowcap melting resulting in rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, crop failures, floods, cyclones, and other “natural” disasters which are man-made because the fundamental cause for this unpredictable weather pattern is man-made ‘global warming”. Let’s […]

Role of Building Insulation in India’s Energy Future

Talked about thermal insulation in last couple of blogs and how it is more cost effective than additional energy generation (1 unit of energy saved is equivalent to 2.75 units of energy generated). Buildings consume almost 40% of energy generated and almost 65% of this consumption goes into heating and cooling inside ambience. If  we […]

Overdeck insulation on metal roofs, insulates hailstorm sounds

  Yesterday (07.02.19) there was a scary hailstorm in Noida once again highlighting the need for overdeck insulation on metal roofs . Though the kids enjoyed the snowy aftereffects of the hailstorm, it must have been really scary under a metal roof that Noida is dotted with. With legal restrictions on additional floor space, metal […]