A Greengineer’s efforts at Greening this planet, once again, with your help. Hope we achieve it in time !!!

Insulated concrete formwork walls in progress

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Madan Mohan Roy

Mission "Green" The Earth

A mechanical engineer from IIT, Kanpur, through the 30 years of my entrepreneurial journey, I have learned that we tend to be unaware of many “Staring at our face” things unless trained to interpret them at the conceptual level. The “Building” decision-makers are unaware of the “Building-Physics” as this is not dealt with in a structured fashion at the college level. Yet they are at the helm of a segment that accounts for 35% of national energy consumption and generation of 40% of Green House Gases. This blog site is my humble effort at making them”conceptually aware” of facts they already know quite well.

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Madan Mohan Roy
Mission "Green" the Earth

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